Throughout my adult life I have had some unique opportunities to travel a large part of the globe and experience some amazing things. I have lived and worked in 8 different States, 4 Continents and about 26 Countries. That exposure to the world shapes everything I do. The more I traveled, the more my interest in photography grew. The more I learned, the more I invested in my equipment and the more I became serious about creating quality images.

My foot path into being serious about photography started with a job that I fell in to by chance. I was a dive master/guide on a live-aboard boat that took guests swimming with Humpback Whales. When I got that job all I had was a waterproof point and shoot (then film) camera. It was a pretty good little camera. But what I realized instantly was that I was in a position in my career choice at the time that I had the opportunity to witness remarkable things, like Humpback Whales up close and personal. The photos that I took were completely sub-par and made me realize that I was missing out on an amazing opportunity to capture truly amazing images of my experiences. That entire season I kicked myself in the butt for not having serious camera equipment and knowing how to use it. After that season I went out and bought myself an entry level SLR camera and started recording all of the incredible  places I have had the opportunity to visit and work in.

I currently reside in Telluride Colorado. I love living in this area because there are so many things to do and places to visit. Not only for photography (which is great in this part of the country), but also for the lifestyle activities.

My style of photography might best be described as 'Literal'. I strive to create images that allow you to feel like you are actually there in the moment experiencing the event or place that the image reveals. I feel that great photography should evoke emotion as well, even if it's not a personal event. When you look at an amazing landscape or the face of an interesting person it should bring to the surface some sort of feelings. Joy, sadness, excitement, envy, wonderment; these are all feelings that in my mind photography can un-tap. These are the things that I strive for when I shoot an image. I want to share those feelings that I hope the images reflect.

I have had the privilege of working with and around many very famous photographers in the past, and they have been my inspiration to pursue better and better photography. I hope you enjoy what you see, and I hope that you enjoy them enough that you feel they are a worthwhile investment. Now quit reading the ego-centric page and check out the great images I have to share! Thanks for looking!

Brad Tate

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